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Office Branding & Reception Design :

As visual creatures, humans rely on their sight to impart important information about the places we encounter. The initial impression we form regarding a new situation will often color our opinion from the first glimpse forward. Even when we learn more about an environment, our first impression will linger.

Your office reception design dictates what opinion all visitors to your office will take with them when they leave. Without clear office branding, or an inviting visual introduction to your organization, prospective clients or pursued talent may form a less than favorable impression. Selecting office reception furniture that presents your brand and philosophy ensures you have control over these important first impressions.
Informed companies understand the importance of branding your office as part of a unified company vision. Too few organizations give the same amount of thought to office reception design. The appearance of the reception area provides an instant snapshot of your company aesthetic, sensibilities, and focus.

With office space at a premium, most companies are forever in search of usable space for various tasks. A well-designed welcome area filled with the proper office reception furniture need not become valuable space lost. Instead, it can serve as a place to which employees can retreat to accomplish quiet tasks, or an area ideal for small, informal meetings.

The best reception areas inspire both trust and confidence in your brand as they put prospective clients at ease. While professional appearance is vital, so too is a welcoming atmosphere. A good designer will imagine the experience his or her guests will have when they first walk into the office, then will cater that experience to suit the company’s goals.